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In a world of global and regional mega-mergers, retailers are seeking to compete by reducing costs while improving the net return on assets. Some achieve growth by diversifying store offerings or experimenting with new store formats. To keep pace in this hyper-competitive market, a global supply chain enabling international “made to order” processes combined with accurate demand forecasting is a must. Complete visibility and control of the supply and demand chains have become essential.

Proglogix leverages its considerable expertise in Enterprise Information Management, Enterprise Solutions, custom application development and business process outsourcing to optimize all aspects of the retail value chain. Proglogix end-to-end approach focuses on processes supporting a retailer's business ecosystem supplier negotiations, merchandise, inventory management, logistics, store operations and invoice payments.

Our approach combines a deep understanding of retail strategies, operations and technology. Proglogix offers a 3 pronged approach towards solutions for the retail industry :

  • Customer Focus
  • Data-Knowledge-Action Persistent
  • The Boundary less Organization

Customer Focus:

An approach designed to understand current and targeted customers by using technology for customer segmentation and profiling. The aim is to identify and attract profitable customer segments, create the right combination of goods and services and improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our offerings in Customer Focus include :

  • Business process modeling
  • Web based training programs
  • Contact center consulting, CRM, CTI
  • Product leverage services
  • Customer analytics
  • E-Business services
  • Supply chain measurement, visibility and optimization
  • Customer campaigns, managed loyalty programs

Data-Knowledge-Action Persistent :

Helps retailers leverage data to their advantage by transforming data into knowledge to gain a deeper and more granular understanding of customers and operations. This approach enables retailers to make faster decisions in merchandising and streamline supply chain to ensure that the right products will be in the right places at the right time.

The Boundaryless Organization :

Retailers are unifying disparate data sources and forging strong relationships, within and outside their own organizations, in order to achieve the nimbleness required in the new, ever-shifting competitive environment. Some of the benefits of intra-enterprise integration are: agility in responding to ever-shifting customer demand; speed-to-market in introducing new products or services; rapid assimilation of new information into marketing strategies, merchandising programs, and store operations; and overall cost containment and productivity.

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