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AWS Managed Services and Solutions - To Meet Your Business Needs

Proglogix AWS solutions are designed to liberate your business from the major roadblocks, cost and complexity of old data-centers. Proglogix is proud to be one of the leading service providers globally.

Proglogix offers Amazon Web Services (AWS) services to allow organizations move to the cloud with high agility and low cost, yet have a completely secure IT infrastructure. With years of experience with the AWS platform and deep system integration capabilities, Proglogix guarantees the success of your implementation. We’re a named organization to deliver numerous migrations across business and government.

Why Choose Proglogix?

Clients across all industries with Proglogix to run their IT infrastructure in the cloud using AWS for the following reasons:

  • Scaling the web applications to address the traffic without investing in new hardware
  • Cut the administrative costs
  • Make your IT team focus on other areas by using Proglogix tiered approach to support and manage your AWS resources.
  • Run enterprise applications
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Backup of all of your critical data to the AWS cloud.
Our Services

Proglogix offers AWS Migration and Managed Services. Our migration solutions offer and provide you simple, robust and scalable cloud services including:

  • AWS Migration Consulting and Services Our Engineers & Architects, help you with migrating your applications from your on premise or co-location infrastructure to AWS Cloud following security best practices while migrating your application, creating multiple layers of security to block any unauthorized access.
      Major highlights of our AWS migration services:
    • Leverage Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services
    • Consulting on buying new AWS products and services to suit your business requirements
    • Consulting on optimizing existing AWS products and configuration to meet your specific needs
    • Suggesting alternatives to reduce the cost
    • Re-host applications to the cloud or reengineer applications for the cloud.
    • Back-up BCP and DR process audits
    • One on one support for getting answers to your general questions related to AWS
  • AWS Managed Services now leave your cloud management worries with Proglogix. Our team of expert AWS specialists manage all your AWS related databases and infrastructure along with your application deployment on AWS. While Proglogix take away your load, you can focus and dedicate your energy on your business.
    • Proglogix enables organizations to showcase the benefits of AWS cloud hosting through a complete range of managed services including:
    • Deployment and configuration of applications on AWS
    • Off-site/On-premise AWS administrators
    • Performance monitoring of applications
    • Backup and disaster recovery
    • Account Monitoring and Management of AWS i.e. Proglogix will manage your AWS account along with your resource utilization and billing
    • Resolving incidents related to AWS
    • AWS Infrastructure Management: Proglogix take care of your infrastructure monitoring and complete infrastructure management. We utilize a proprietary cloud management platform and various other tools to actively monitor your cloud for fault recognition and fast response.
    • Cost Optimization and Planning: Proglogix works with you to plan your AWS costs and aim to reduce your total cost by utilizing advanced tools and technologies in cloud computing.