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An Automated change management process, incorporating customer needs and requirements into the development process, can help the automotive industry increase quality and meet time-to-market objectives by keeping unwanted or unauthorized changes out of the product lifecycle.

Requirements Management increases communication and collaboration on requirements and designs between OEMs and suppliers ensuring that projects meet their milestones and deliverables conform to specification.

Automated generation of software for embedded systems and executable tests optimizes software development and software quality assurance. Extensive, automated design and code quality review capabilities enable the identification of modules bearing a high risk of failure.

Globals’ investment in developing solutions for the automotive industry includes active participation in global standards organizations as well as technical and industry forums.

The automotive industry has reinvented itself over the past twenty-five years. The franchise of North American, and to a lesser extent, European manufacturers has been eroded by strong competition from Asian manufacturers. Imbalances in forecasted customer demand and legacy investments have led to over - capacity. Increased competition and technological advancements have intensified cost pressures. Consolidation among automotive suppliers and economic pressure from OEM’s has led to an aggressive drive towards technological innovation and cost dominance across the industry.

Automotive OEM’s and the Supply Base have been early adopters of the offshore global delivery model in engineering and information technology solutions. Initially, the focus was cost reduction and a “commodity” approach to partner selection. However, forward-thinking companies have evolved a strategic approach to partnering with offshore service providers. Dewsoft believes in long-term relationships and has invested in developing innovative solutions for OEM’s, the Supply Base, and Dealer operations. These solutions span product development, supply chain operations, customer connections, support operations and infrastructure management.

Embedded Systems for Automotive

ProgLogix provides best-in-class Embedded Software and Hardware Services and solutions in the Automotive Electronics & Transportation domains and Industrial and Process Automation. These services span solutions for Product Development, Modeling and Simulation, Communication Protocols, Hardware Design, Safety Critical Software Testing and Validations.

ProgLogix can provide you the competitive edge in integrating technology change through cost-effective solutions. Dewsoft associates are positioned to service your needs and focus on continuous training in leading technologies for Product Design & Development, Embedded Systems, Product Life Cycle Management and IT Solutions.

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